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The Idea of the Section ’Young Sociology’: Rules of Publication

„Studia Socjologiczne” provides an online publication venue for the first scientific papers of young sociologists. We invite all sociologists at the early stages of their career to share the results of their projects and analyses.

The „Young Sociology” section does not set any formal conditions: submitted contributions could be overviews of BA and MA theses, analyses made during PhD research, as well as other genres. The only exception is the reviews: these will be published only in the printed version of the journal, according to the established procedure.

We are not able to review the texts submitted for the ‘Young Sociology’ section in the same way we review the materials published in the paper version of the journal. We therefore need to establish the criteria for eligibility of such work for online publication.

The eligibility criteria:

1.Besides the author, each text has a person who endorses it.
2.The person who endorses the text is responsible for its originality, quality and accurateness of the analysis; the name of this person is placed alongside the name of the author(s).
3.The text is submitted in pdf format and follows the style of ‘Studia Socjologiczne’. The journal editors are not responsible for editing the text. If the text does not meet the requirements of the journal, it will not be published online.
4. The editors of „Studia Socjologiczne” make the decision regarding the acceptance of the text for online publication. This decision is final.
5. The text that is published online is ascribed to a particular paper issue of the journal and it is mentioned in the paper issue’s table of contents.
6. The following technical requirements apply:

  • times New Roman 12 font; 1,5 spacing; 25 mm margins on each side of a page
  • text should be aligned to both left and right margin (justified)
  • page numbers should be placed in the right bottom corner of the page
  • the text length is from minimum 10 pages to maximum 25 pages
  • tables and figures in the main text, the bibliography in accordance with the journal style at the end of the text
  • the title in BOLD and centred
  • all other titles should be in bold, aligned to the left and preceded by an additional space.

7. In a separate attachment addressed to the journal (redakcja@studiasocjologiczne.pl) the author(s) should provide a short biographic note, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the authors and a short statement of agreement for their work to be published on-line at the website of ‘Studia Socjologiczne’. 

The articles in „Young Sociology” section are only available online, together with other articles of a respective issue of the journal.

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